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Make Caring Decisions

Take your competencies to the next level with the Adaptive Management assessment. It is the application of neuroscience to human resources. It helps you to

1. Make caring decisions Get out of the efficiency or emotional reaction rut. Make decisions that improve buy-in, are strategically effective, and reach goals. Build a people-driven, and practices-orientated organization. Too many decisions are made based on emotion or calculation without a proper focus on what is best. Adaptive Management Assessment helps people to make ethical choices based on a full understanding of how they are coming to their conclusions.

2. Improve team performance Build the teams with the characteristics you need, cooperative, targeted, and strategically focused. Teams have blind spots or points of conflict that are easily resolved through knowing each member’s decision styles. Establish respect while following best practices. Adaptive Management looks at each team member’s strategies and ensures you have the alignment that creates a strong team dynamic and the skills to solve problems.

3. Reduce workplace conflicts Turn disagreements into constructive motivational communication. Stop the personality clashes at their source and quickly get to a resolution. The Adaptive Management Assessment reveals each staff member’s points of emotional reactivity and personal decision style.

4. Target hires correctly Recruit the thinking skills you need. Ensure strong candidates for every job. Choose the candidates who are not only capable but will find the job processes satisfying. The Adaptive Management Assessment tells you how each candidate thinks, empowering you to select the best alignment with a position’s requirements.

5. Improve retention Establish stronger teams, where employees are more than important human capital. Teams with strategic characteristics, have constructive disagreements, and effectively manage challenges. Make an environment where employees stay motivated and engaged. Create the culture that you need through the Adaptive Management assessment.

The Adaptive Management Assessment is a well-developed tool that reveals how people think about themselves, the world, and each other. Contact info@adaptivemanagment.ca to learn more.

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Client Review

“Amazing! It provided us with the tools and insights we needed to continue to build cohesive, high-performance teams and anchor strategic change management initiatives.”

Ravy Mehroke, CEO/President,
Bombay Brow Bar